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I do not offer crisis response. 

If you require immediate support dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

Community Resources

24/7 mental health crisis line: (877) 470-5200 

Crisis line for children and youth: (800) 668-6868

24/7 counselling and crisis helpline available to all Indigenous people across Canada

This service is available in Ojibway, Cree and Inukitut in addition to English and French.

(855) 242-3310 /


New Directions for Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Problems: (519) 376-5666

Community Mental Health Teams (covering Grey-Bruce): (877) 888-5855 


I help people who long for healing and change but who are secretly afraid nothing can help them. I support people who want to heal from developmental and/or interpersonal trauma and find their way through dissociation. I bring years of training and study in this area as well as openness to your unique story and hopes for therapy.


If you are feeling any of the following things, let's talk: 

• struggling with thoughts, feelings, or images from the past, feeling like your head, heart, and body are not in sync

• feeling disconnected from yourself and the important people in your life • feeling like you are not enough 

• anxious, fearful, or always worried 

• overwhelmed by sensory experiences

• grieving the loss of an important person or aspect of your life, or trying to process the betrayal of a person or institution that should have been protective of you

• frustrated with not feeling heard or respected 

• exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready to find your way to deeper healing and growth with a compassionate guide 


Free 15-minute consultations available.

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